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How do I give substitute teachers access to my Webex room?

  1. Go to Preferences > My Personal Room.
  2. Check the Let others host my Personal Room Meetings without me check box.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Allow anyone with a host account on this site or anyone joining from an authenticated Cisco video device to be an alternate host for my Personal Room meetings
    • Let me choose alternate hosts for my Personal Room meetings
    These settings apply for all of your Personal Room meetings (instant and scheduled meetings).
  4. If you opted to choose your alternate hosts in Step 3, enter their email addresses (separated by commas).
  5. Select Save.

Expelling a particpant from a meeting

  1. Select the Participants button from the meeting controls at the bottom of the screen to display the Participants Panel.Selecting the participant.
  2. Right-click on a participant from the Participants Panel.
  3. Select Expel for that participant.Participants can be expelled from the meeting.

Setting Up Your Webex Personal Room

1Sign in to your Webex site and go to Preferences > My Personal Room.My Personal Room tab
2To edit your Personal Room name, enter the new name.Your Personal Room name can be 1–128 characters in length.
3To edit your Personal Room link, enter a new ID.Your Personal Room link has these requirements:Can be 1–64 characters in length.Must contain at least one alphabetic character.Must not contain any symbols or special characters except hyphens (-), periods (.), or underscores (_).Must not already be in use by someone else on the site.
 If you change your Personal Room ID, update your previously scheduled Personal Room meetings to use your new Personal Room URL. The previous URL no longer works.
4For Host PIN enter a number that’s easy for you to remember.Your Host PIN must be exactly four digits, and can’t repeat or be sequential, for example, 1111 or 1234. You can change your Host PIN later, by entering a new four digit number.
5To lock your Personal Room automatically after the meeting starts, check Automatic lock, and specify the number of minutes.You can choose 0, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. After a meeting locks, attendees wait to join the meeting until you admit them.
6For Notification, check Notify me by email when someone enters my Personal Room lobby while I am away receive an email notification when someone enters your Personal Room.
7For Cohost, check Allow cohosts for my Personal Room meetings.If you allow another person or video device to cohost your Personal Room meetings, select one of the options:Automatically make the first person with a host account on this site or the first person joining from an authenticated Cisco video device in this organization the cohost of my Personal Room meetingsLet me choose cohosts for my Personal Room meetingsTo specify cohosts, enter their email addresses separated by commas or semicolons.
8Select Save.

Best Practices for Securing Meetings

Restrict Access to the Meeting

Do not post the link to your meeting anywhere public or on social media. Only share links to your meetings or personal room on email, Google Classroom or PowerSchool.

Lock the meeting once all attendees have joined the meeting. This practice prevents more attendees from joining. Hosts can lock or unlock the meeting at any time while the session is in progress. To lock a meeting that you’re currently hosting, go to Meeting > Lock Meeting.

This option prevents anyone from joining the meeting, including participants who have been invited to the meeting but have not yet joined it. To unlock a meeting that you’re currently hosting, go to Meeting > Unlock Meeting.

Validate Identity of All Users in a Call

Accounting for every attendee by using a roll call is a secure practice. Ask users to turn on their video or state their name to confirm their identity.

To attend a meeting using a phone, a caller only needs a valid Webex dial-in number and the nine-digit meeting ID. If attendees can join meetings on your site by phone without a password, they will not be prevented from joining the audio conference portion of the meeting.If attendees without an account are allowed to join the meeting, then unauthorized users can identify themselves with any name in your meeting.

Remove a Participant from the Meeting

Participants can be expelled at any time during a meeting. Select the name of the participant whom you want to remove, go to Participant > Expel.

Share Application, Not Screen

Go to Share > Application > instead of Share > My Screen to share specific applications and prevent accidental exposure of sensitive information on your screen.

Control Who Can Share

If allowed at the site level, Webex meeting hosts can choose whether to allow all participants to share. If you don’t enable the option, you can assign the Presenter role to select participants or attendees.

Only designated Presenters can share content from video devices and the Webex Teams app.

For more information, see Webex Sharing and the Presenter Role.

End the Meeting

When the meeting is over, be sure to end the meeting for all participants. You may be presented with an option to leave the meeting running without ending it. If you need to leave early, make someone else the host, who will responsible for ending the meeting.

Lock or Unlock Your Cisco Webex Personal Room

Lock your Personal Room to keep uninvited people from joining meetings. If you don’t lock your Personal Room, anyone can enter it with your Personal Room URL.

Locking meetings in your Personal Room helps keep them secure by making sure no one joins who isn’t supposed to. When you lock your Personal Room, it prevents more attendees from joining until you admit them. You can lock or unlock the room at any time while the session is in progress. If you have back-to-back meetings or need privacy in your Personal Room, lock the room.

When the room is locked:

  • No one can enter the room until you unlock it.
  • You see a list of all attendees waiting in the lobby. The list indicates who has logged in and who hasn’t. You can choose who to allow into the Personal Room meeting.
  • Anyone who already joined the meeting, including the host, can’t call in to connect to the meeting audio. They can still use their computer for audio, or have the meeting call them.
For users on Cisco Webex video platform version 1.0: If you set your meeting to automatically lock 0 minutes after the meeting starts, we recommend that you start your meeting from the Cisco Webex Meetings app so that you can admit participants. You won’t be able to admit participants by using the video device. To find out which versions you’re using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.

Lock or unlock your meeting

During a meeting in your Personal Room, go to More options  in the meeting controls, and then choose Lock Meeting or Unlock Meeting.Your site administrator can allow unauthenticated attendees to enter an unlocked room if they have signed in recently within a specified time period. The default is two weeks.If your site settings prevent unauthenticated users from entering unlocked rooms unless the host admits them, when the room is unlocked:Attendees who have not signed have to wait in the lobby.The host sees a list of who is waiting and can choose who to admit.

Automatically lock your Personal Room

You can set an option in your Personal Room preferences to automatically lock your room after it starts. You can choose from 0, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. By default, your Personal Room locks after 10 minutes.

1On your Webex site in Classic View, go to My Webex > Preferences > My Personal Room, or from Modern View, go to Preferences > My Personal Room.
2Check the box next to Automatic lock, and then choose how many minutes you want before your Personal Room locks.Automatic lock

Adding slides to the slideshow on your homepage.


  1. Find a photo you’d like to use in your homepage slideshow. The photo will need to be saved to your computer if it is not already. Try to find photos that are landscape rather than portrait.
  2. Upload your photo to the editor. Photo Editor. Do not change the dimensions. You can pan and zoom the photo.
  3. Download the edited photo by clicking “Download Cropped Image.”


  1. Sign into your site and open Site Manager.
  2. Select “Homepage.”
  3. Select “Multimedia Gallery.”
  4. To add a new slide click “New Record.”
  5. Upload your edited photo.
  6. If you’d like your image to have a button that links to another page click “Link Record.” “Link Text” will be the text displayed in the button and “Web Address” is where you’d like the link to go.
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