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O.M.Gmail! What about my stuff?!

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O. M. Gmail! What about my…?

Inbox emails:  All emails currently in your inbox will transfer directly to Gmail. However, it is strongly suggested that you clean up your inbox and delete unnecessary email. This is a chance to start fresh!

Email folders: All folders and their contents will transfer. In Gmail, folders are called “labels” but the concept and content will remain the same. *If your folder names include a special character, those characters will disappear*

Attachments: Attachments under 45 MB will be transferred with your email. Anything over 45 MB will automatically be uploaded to your Google Drive.

Deleted Emails: Deleted emails will transfer to Trash. *Gmail automatically deletes all trash after 30 days. If you are used to pulling email out of your deleted folder, this will be a change*

Junk Emails:  Junk will be moved to the “SPAM” folder in Gmail. This folder is deleted every 30 days.

Priority Emails: High priority email become “starred” in Gmail.

Rules/Filters: Rules and filters will not migrate to Gmail. New rules can be established using Gmail settings.

Flagged items: Flagged emails become “starred” emails in Gmail. They are also added to “tasks”. The content of the email will be visible in tasks.

Calendar: All events will transfer directly to Google Calendar.

Groups: All user created groups will transfer to Gmail.

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