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Hangouts Meet Cheat Sheet

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Hold video meetings worldwide with several people at once.Join impromptu meetings on the go, virtual training classes around the world, remote interviews, and much more.Get Hangouts Meet:  WebAndroid, or iOS

1. Schedule a video meeting from Calendar.

Go to Google Calendar and create an event.

2. Start a video meeting.

Enter https://meet.google.com in Chrome Browser.

Open the Meet app on your Android (Play Store) or Apple® iOS® (App Store) mobile device.

3. Join a video meeting.

In Calendar, click the event you want to join.

Click the Meet meeting link in a text or email.

In Meet, join a scheduled meeting or use a meeting code.

Open the Calendar event or meeting invite to dial in to a meeting from a phone.

Open the Calendar event or meeting invite. Click More joining options to join from a third-party conferencing system.

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