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Drive Cheat Sheet

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1. Click New to…

  • Upload any file (such as Microsoft® Outlook® files, Adobe® PDF files, and videos) or folder from your computer.
  • Create new documents right in your browser.

Description Example uses
Google Docs Text documents Proposals, reports, shared meeting notes
Google Sheets Spreadsheets Project plans, budget sheets
Google Slides Presentations Pitch decks, training modules, team presentations
Google Forms Surveys Customer satisfaction surveys, group polls
Google Drawings Shapes, charts, and diagrams Flowcharts, organizational charts, website wireframes, mind maps
Google Sites Websites Team sites, project sites, resume sites

2. Work with files stored in Drive.

3. Share your files and folders by clicking Share person_add and then choose what collaborators can do. They’ll get an email notification, too. 

4 Add shared files to My Drive.

Note: When you move a shared file to My Drive, it only moves the file in your view, not in anyone else’s.

5. Access your files from any device.

Browser or device

Browser or device Requirements How to access
Web browser (any device) Install any web browser. Go to drive.google.com.
Computer Install Drive File Stream from the Drive Help Center. Click Drive File Stream drive_file_stream and then Open Google Drive folder_mydrive.
Mobile devices Install the Drive app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS®). Open the Drive app on your device.

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