Your Digital Life: Beware of What You Share

With just the click of a mouse, there is a wealth of personal information about you available online for all to see. In today’s digital world, we are sharing more information about ourselves online than ever before. Oftentimes, we provide personal information online without thinking twice about the potential consequences or risks making sensitive information available can present. Although advances in technology have brought about many benefits and opportunities, there is no doubt that they have also been beneficial to those who wish to do harm.

While there will always be some amount of information about you online, you do have the power to control your digital footprint. The Department of Homeland Security encourages all citizens to follow these steps when sharing personal information online:

  • Review your privacy settings. Take advantage of privacy settings offered by most social media platforms and apps that allow users to control who can see their content or personal information. Take time to review your settings and place strict limits on who can see your content.
  • Own your online presence. Think carefully about what you post online. Everything you put on the Internet – photos, tweets, and blogs – will be out there for people to see forever. Take ownership of your digital life by making sure that only what you want to be seen is posted.
  • Secure your devices. Take advantage of lock screens, passwords, and fingerprint capabilities to secure your smartphones, tablets, and computers. It only takes a minute for a criminal to steal your device, and therefore all of your sensitive information.

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